December 3, 2007

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..

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I love Christmas time. I don’t know what it is but it makes me feel all happy inside. So I changed themes because I want it to feel as much as Christmas as possible. So I hope every one has a wonderful Christmas season. Bye


November 30, 2007

Keep that stick in the Fire!!!

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So sorry for the whole lack of posting and whatnot. Half of it was just me being lazy, half of it was being on vacation. But we’ve been back for a couple days so we’re back to that whole lazy thing. Anyway we went camping for our vacation and it was really fun. We go with these two other families and practically don’t stop laughing the whole time. It’s a blast! We probably can’t call it camping though. The only thing that really qualifies it as camping is that we’re in the woods. We stay in cabins the whole time. And it’s a good thing we do, because it rained a little the last day. GO CABINS!!. lol. But most of the time we usually just sit around the fire, talk/laugh, and poke sticks in the fire. Hence the name of the post. “Keep the stick in the fire!” lol Because once the stick goes in the fire it gets hot and people get burned if it comes out.


We did spend some time inside, mostly just crowded around the iPhone one of our friends had. But we were outside for most of the time hiking or something of the sort. Well that just about sums up our Thanksgiving weekend. How was yours?

November 14, 2007

Hillsong baby!

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So we’re standing in line for the concert and we’re waiting, and waiting for two hours out side the door waiting for someone to open it. So finally someone comes to the door and said “Since you guys have been waiting here the longest were going to let four hundred of you in.”


So we’re like, OK, two doors and we’re pretty close to ours – we can get in no problem. So we start to walk in. Dad gets in, all right we can do this, only five more people, little sister walks right in no problem. FOUR HUNDRED! Slam! Doors closes right in front of me. My Mom, my brother Christopher, my sister Amy, and I had to wait out side for thirty more minutes, listening to people chanting ” I love Jesus yes I do. I love Jesus how ’bout you!”  But it was so worth it.


October 29, 2007

Livin’ The Dream!

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So this weekend I had the pleasure of being a part of Live The Dream women’s conference. It was amazing. Holly Wagner, Christine Caine, and Tammy Trent were all great! I think everyone had a blast. I know I did, but maybe it was because I was there with some of the most amazing people I know. Including Amy and Annette Phillips.


I took these pictures with this cool setting on my camera. The real shirt was the pink one and I changed the other ones. My sister Claire is modeling the shirt, too bad you can’t see her. Sorry.

1_3.jpg 2_4.jpg

2_2.jpg 4_.jpg

October 12, 2007

He’s Back!

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Joshy is back!


I missed him sooo much, and I’m so glad he’s back. Right here he is sharing some of his two thousand pictures! Srsly, he’s got tons of pictures! And he’ll probably post some on his blog later, because he’s got some really beautiful ones. But for now it’s off to bed to try to catch up on some sleep.

October 8, 2007

Find The Doggy

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October 5, 2007

Dang Cluster Maps!

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So I’ve been trying to get my cluster map up and running again, but it didn’t want to work. So I finally got another one but I have to start ALLLLLL over again.

Dang cluster maps! : (

September 30, 2007

So what if…

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We took a trip to the Phillips’ house only planing on visiting for about an hour or two and ended up staying for about four hours! Yeah, The good thing is that pretty much every one there could play guitar, and or bass so we had a lot of entertainment.

Chris, Jamie, Mr.frank, and Daddy

Lol, Did I mention that it was twelve thirty when we left. Talk about sleep deprivation. It will make you do some crazy things.

Chris, and Jamie fighting with a tiny whisk, and a knife.

September 14, 2007

I <3 Youtube

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September 10, 2007

It has happened!

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