August 2, 2007

You can’t keep a good iPod down

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Strawberries!!! 😀 I’m so exited. OK like four months ago I accidentally left my iPod in my pocket and it got WASHED! Gosh! If you know me, you know I love music! So like I said, it hasn’t worked in like four months. But we found it the other day and Claire plugged it in and it worked! I’m so happy! You don’t even know. Gosh!



July 23, 2007

Picture Time!

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Alllllllllllll right, It’s picture time! Really I just had some interesting pictures that I wanted to share. So here. : D


This is Jamie before he started to climb the rock wall. But you should be able to tell that from the pic. I think he’s just a liiiiiittle bit excited.


Any way it was pretty funny to watch. He went up for the first time and missed the button but didn’t realize until he hit the ground. So he went up again and hit it, but when he got down the buzzer was still going. So he went up one more time to stop the buzzer it but it wouldn’t. And it didn’t stop until they took it down.


I saw this and I thought it was pretty funny. It is funny right? No?…… ok.


And this is Maggie, and Daisy my doggies. If you look at my past posts there should be a picture of Daisy when she was purple. Yeah she was purple. They’re both looking at something off to the side, someones probably got some food or something. Maybe some strawberries? Hmmmm.

July 18, 2007

Humming Birds Make Me Smile : )

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Ok so I always bring my camera to my Grandma’s house, because she plants lots of flowers and humming birds like that. : ) Anyway there were a lot last time we went, so I thought I would take some pictures.


These sat there for like fifteen seconds. And thats not really a big deal for people to stop for a while, but Humming birds have to eat at least every two hours to survive. So sitting for fifteen seconds is kind of a big waste of time unless they’re eating.


This is just a cool pic. He was centered, but just when I took the picture he started to fly away, so i didn’t get anymore. Well I just decided to post these because humming Birds make me smile,(Strawberries) and I thought that you should Smile…………………………….NOW!

July 16, 2007


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I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a week. I been sick all week. I felt good enough to partake in the LAST day of vacation bible school. It was pretty cool though. I was pretty busy last night too. Talking/laughing ( pretty a McDonald’s) with the Phillips gang. Somewhere in the middle of this we ALL started to share a strawberry shake. It was insane, there were like five straws in there at once . Oh and while I’m thinking of It, I LOVE NAPS. I just came out of one and I gotta tell ,I don’t feel half bad. I actually think they’re under rated. Anyway good weekend, good shake. : )