May 24, 2007

Called it!!!!

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Jordin Sparks is the new American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m so happy, I hoped she would win and she did. I called it when Gina got voted off, and I was right. It was kind of obvious though. I mean Blake is good, but I would have been disappointed.

The finale was great. They showed old auditions clips, it was hilarious. The auditions are probably one of the best parts of the show.Anyway, I’m glad Jordin won. And thus ends this season of American Idol.


May 17, 2007

It’s Almost Over

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Alright let me just say that ever since Gina got voted off, I said it was going to come down to Blake, and Jordin, and…… I was right. Now Melinda sang all her songs amazingly as usual. She pretty much rocked them all. And if I’m boring you, let me just tell you that the American Idol finale is next week so just bear with me.

Anyway Jordin was great too. I thought she should have picked “Broken Wing”. Because she sang it before, and it was great. But she’s still here so I guess that doesn’t matter.

If Blake didn’t beat box I think he would have been gone a long time ago, but he can, so he is. I think he did a pretty good job on “Roxanne” but not even close to Sting. “This Love” was great I didn’t think he would be that good. But I love Maroon Five so I could have just been hearing them. But If you have an idea on who you think is going to win, tell me. I think Jodin needs to win just because she’s young and I think it would help her. But I think whether Blake wins or not he’s pretty much set.

May 10, 2007

Darn : (

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I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. Well it was either her or Blake, but that goes without saying. I’m kind of glad though, Blake was one of my favorites from the beginning. I even have all his songs on my iPod. I’m pretty sure he’s going next week, but again it goes without saying. I was kind of scared for Jordin for a while, but after Blake sang his second song I knew she was out of the bottom two. Anyway, this weeks theme was tough. Bee Gees!!!!!!!!!!!The judges keep saying not to change the song when they do, and when they don’t they get the You-didn’t-have-to-change-the-song-it-was-a-classic, speech. But if they hadn’t changed the songs this week they would have sounded like a Bee Gee. And no offense, but the world just doesn’t need another one. But America votes, not the judges. So be smart America, and vote for Jordin!!!!!!!!!!!

April 26, 2007

Sorry : (

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Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I haven’t posted in nine days. Two people went on American Idol last night. Sorry I think I’m obsessed now. I can’t help it. We, ( my family and I) watch it every week, and I have very strong opinions about it. Chris (above) got voted off. I had kind of narrowed it down to him, Lakisha, and Phil. Chris did a good job this week, but apparently not good enough.

Phil had the best performance of his life and still got voted off. Well I haven’t really liked him that much from that beginning, but he’s a good Singer.

Melinda amazes us again. You know I’ve been thinking that Jordin may win, but after this week she better step it up. But scrap everything I’ve said about Melinda, I’m convinced that she can sing anything, and will win. I still like Blake, and I think the only reason he is still here is because he did that awesome beat boxing thing.

April 24, 2007

Don’t miss it! = ]

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All right, now I don’t want to be one of those people who obsess about a silly TV show like American Idol, but I fear I’m close. That being said, don’t miss it. Now that Sanjaya’s gone they have a chance . I don’t even know how he hung on that long. Is America tone deaf? Well Blake, and Jordin are still my favorites. Everybody thinks Melinda will win. I think she has the most consistent vocals, but there’s nothing different about her. I still think she has a chance, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Blake has a good voice, and if he doesn’t win, I still think he would do very well in the music business. I still think he needs to work on his facial expressions. ; p other than that I think he’s done really well. I still can’t believe he was in the bottom three last week. I thought Chris should have been in there instead.

Now my girl Jordin’s got it in the bag as far as I’m concerned. She gets better every week, and if you saw her last week you know what I mean. I really liked the song she sang too – “Broken Wing”, and I don’t like country so that’s a big deal. And if she doesn’t win I’m gonna be reeeeeally mad. I liked the song Blake sang too. “When the stars go blue”

As for who’s getting voted off, I think it will be Phil. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lakisha got voted off, but we’ll just have to see. I think, except for Phil, it’s pretty much anyone’s game.

Who do You think is the next American Idol? : ]

April 12, 2007

Goodbye Haley : (

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Well Haley finally got voted off American Idol. I knew it was coming but it’s still sad. I think she sang the song better than she first did live. I really liked the song but not her singing it. Blake is still my favorite. I loved the song he picked, but he needs to work on his facial expressions. ; ) Sanjaya is still here, and it’s making me mad. As long as he’s still here good people will get voted off like Gina Glocksen, and Chris Sligh. I’m kind’a glad Haley got voted off though. DON’T VOTE FOR SANJAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!