March 17, 2008

So what did you see at the Zoo?

Posted in Awesomeness, Pictures at 5:28 pm by Joelle

So the Zoo is just awesome. I don’t care what you say I love the Zoo. There’s only one thing about the Zoo the creeps me out.


How is it that they always know where you are? lol, srly.


And these are probably one of my favorite animals. They look like little bitty deer. They’re so cute. They’re called Dik Diks or something. But these aren’t just any Dik Diks.


These are Kirks Dik Diks. As to who Kirk is, and why he just left his Dik Diks at the Zoo, I do not know. But the Zoo was awesome.

So you know my favorite animal, what’s yours.



  1. Amy said,

    I have a thing for giraffes

  2. Joelle said,

    lol It’s funny your say that be cause my neighbor and I were waiting to see the giraffes the whole time and they ended up being the last thing we saw. go figure. And they were all siting to. Usually they’re up and about and people are feeding them even though you’re not suppose to. lol : D

  3. Snoopy said,

    I LOVE TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (I want one as a pet^^)

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