December 7, 2007

The Chronicles Of Narnia

Posted in Awesomeness, Pictures at 4:23 pm by Joelle

Prince Caspian!!!!!!!!

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! I’m soooo excited! I’ve been waiting for the next Chronicles Of Narnia movie to come out. I’m so happy. I cant wait till The Voyage of The Dawn Treader comes out in the movies. That’s my favorite one. But I’m still really glad this out is coming out. I’ve read all the books and they’re are all soooo good. Has any one else read them? Because you need to. That is my personal recommendation. They’re fantastic!:)



  1. Jamie said,

    Yeah-uh! That’s what I’m talking about, and yes, I did indeed read ALL of the Chronicles of Narnia, and I think my favorite was the voyage of the Dawn Treader too! 😀 When does this movie come out?

  2. Joelle said,

    Thats cool!!! How come we’re so awesome? Lol. The movie comes out in about four or five months. 😦 I can’t wait that long.

  3. Amy said,

    NARNIA… oh i love the music in that movie. How are you doing girl. Miss you and I will see you tomorrow

  4. Joelle said,

    I know the music is so cool. I’ll see you at circle time. 😉

  5. Jamie said,

    WHAT?! We have to wait that long? gosh 😛 Yeah, I missed posting, so it’s good to be back!!

  6. Amy said,

    I watched it yesterday while I was working.

  7. Joelle said,

    I know! It’s terrible. I can’t wait that long. Well I mean we have to, but I really don’t want to.

  8. Joelle said,

    Wait! Wait! Wait! You’ve watched it already! How is that?

  9. Amy said,

    lol no I meant after we said the music was good I watch the Chronicles of Narnia on DVD. Definitely haven’t seen the new one yet.

  10. Joelle said,

    Ohhhhhhh. Yeeeeeeeeeah. : l That would make more sense. lol Anywho now I want to watch it.

  11. Snoopy said,

    I’m sooo glad this movie is coming out! Maybe Magician’s Nephew will come out soon… I like your layout too! Very cool.

    Merry Christmas!!
    (. .)

  12. Snoopy said,

    Arggh! My bunny fell apart!! 😦

  13. Joelle said,

    The Magician’s Nephew would be sooooo cool, but all of the books would make amazing movies. I’m still awaiting the arrival The Voyage of The Dawn Treader. (Fave!!!!) Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  14. Joelle said,

    Look I fixed your bunny, I think. 😛 I’m not sure what it looked like at first. But I can definitely see a bunny. Merry Christmas!

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