September 30, 2007

So what if…

Posted in Awesomeness, Pictures, Random at 12:10 pm by Joelle

We took a trip to the Phillips’ house only planing on visiting for about an hour or two and ended up staying for about four hours! Yeah, The good thing is that pretty much every one there could play guitar, and or bass so we had a lot of entertainment.

Chris, Jamie, Mr.frank, and Daddy

Lol, Did I mention that it was twelve thirty when we left. Talk about sleep deprivation. It will make you do some crazy things.

Chris, and Jamie fighting with a tiny whisk, and a knife.



  1. Jamie said,

    Those are some awesome pictures, Joelle, and just for the record, Chris still hasn’t posted, you killed Claire 4 times, and last night was AMAZING! Chris doesn’t look the least bit daunted in that last picture.. Okay, maybe a little…

  2. Amy said,

    wow I’m really scared, when did you take that picture. lol crazy brothers. Last night was amazing. And I knew we would hang out forever. I mean come on Saturday circle amplified.

  3. Joelle said,

    I know! That was the most fun I’d had in a wile.:D Lol, I think Chris still thought he had a light saber.

  4. Jamie said,

    HAHAHA! That’s awesome! I think you hit that nail right on the head about Chris! Awesomeness!

  5. sarahandry said,

    haha thats awesome! I love the first picture with all the talented musicians!!

  6. Joelle said,

    Yeah, it was pretty confusing because everyone was playing a different song.

  7. Jamie said,

    Hey! We didn’t crash notes constantly…

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