August 14, 2007


Posted in Pictures at 1:39 am by Joelle

I love black and white. It makes every thing look better.


You can’t really tell in this picture, but whatever.



  1. aimeecait said,

    Black and white is sooooo much more interesting than color :]

  2. Joelle said,

    Isn’t it?

  3. lostkittenrae said,

    I definitely agree that black and white makes everything look better… that’s a beautiful image you’ve posted and I think you can definitely see the beauty effects of black and white in it… if you do like black and white alot my whole comic is in black and white… maybe you’d like to go take a look… might like it! In anycase have a great day!

  4. Joelle said,


  5. Amy said,

    Joelle Did Chris and Josh give you the stuff I sent

  6. Joelle said,

    Ummm, No they did not! When did you give it to them?

  7. Amy said,

    uh, like Tuesday, did they leave it at Church because of the rain, or did they forget it in the car. lol I am going to have to get them for this. I made you homemade cards too.

  8. Amy said,

    Oh by the way how was Refuge last night?

  9. Joelle said,

    I think they left it. oh I didn’t get to go to refuge. : (

  10. Jamie said,

    I hear someone was hogging the showweeeeeer!!!!!

  11. Joelle said,


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