August 4, 2007

Sooooo much fun

Posted in Awesomeness, Pictures at 12:30 am by Joelle

Nice! Lol, Ok we went to the eye doctor today and they make you wear these weird sun glasses after they dilate your eyes. So we got in the car and I asked Julia if I could take a picture with her, and when I looked at it she was making that face, so threw a peace in there and this was the result.


And on the way home the sky turned pink! Ok so the sky isn’t really pink. I did it on my camera. lol That was for you Jamie!



  1. Jamie said,

    Shout outs all around! lol Insane, I hate when they dilate my eyes! Gosh 😛

  2. Joelle said,

    I know! We had to pick out new glasses this time and we had to do it after they dilated them.

  3. Amy said,

    What do you mean? I thought the sky really was pink my life is crushed

  4. Joelle said,

    Sorry 😀

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