July 29, 2007


Posted in Random at 11:19 pm by Joelle

I did it, I made Christopher a blog. I stayed up until like twelve o’clock getting him an email address and WordPress account. But now it is done. So please go leave a comment on his blog and tell him to post. Thanks! Strawberry! 😀



  1. Jamie said,

    You’re amazing, Joelle! But I must say, you probably know that all ready! gosh :p By the way, that first flower in the last post is AMAZING! Keep it up!

  2. Joelle said,

    Thank man. You’re pretty amazing your self. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were more amazing than strawberries! 😉

  3. Amy said,

    lol Wow we should totally celebrate this occasion with what else a strawberry milkshake

  4. Joelle said,

    Now I’m hungry. 😛

  5. Amy said,

    Sorry 🙂

  6. aimeecait said,

    That’s my girl. :] WordPress: So easy, even Topher can do it. :]

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