July 23, 2007

Picture Time!

Posted in Pictures, Strawberries! at 9:22 am by Joelle

Alllllllllllll right, It’s picture time! Really I just had some interesting pictures that I wanted to share. So here. : D


This is Jamie before he started to climb the rock wall. But you should be able to tell that from the pic. I think he’s just a liiiiiittle bit excited.


Any way it was pretty funny to watch. He went up for the first time and missed the button but didn’t realize until he hit the ground. So he went up again and hit it, but when he got down the buzzer was still going. So he went up one more time to stop the buzzer it but it wouldn’t. And it didn’t stop until they took it down.


I saw this and I thought it was pretty funny. It is funny right? No?…… ok.


And this is Maggie, and Daisy my doggies. If you look at my past posts there should be a picture of Daisy when she was purple. Yeah she was purple. They’re both looking at something off to the side, someones probably got some food or something. Maybe some strawberries? Hmmmm.



  1. Amy said,

    I have that same picture in black and white. I wish he wouldn’t do that my teacher didn’t like it. Uh both my rolls of film aren’t quite in focus. I hate glasses. long story but the fast version is that my eyes were red from wearing contacts and that I started wearing glasses because of the chemicals in the lab. So the long and short of it is more pictures…. Great pictures Joelle. They look good.

  2. Joelle said,

    Thanks! I think I have a black and white too.

  3. SKittles said,

    You are AMAZING! I think I’m a little too conceited… Yeah! I think that you should be a photographer, ’cause you have mad skills!

  4. Joelle said,

    Well you know I try. lol : )Thanks.

  5. aimeecait said,

    Again, awesome pictures! Haha I love that first one of Jamie. Good stuff, ladygirl. I miss you very very much — I love you even more than that!

  6. Joelle said,

    Awwwwww ((((((((Hug!))))))))

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