July 18, 2007

Humming Birds Make Me Smile : )

Posted in Awesomeness, Pictures, Strawberries! at 2:19 am by Joelle

Ok so I always bring my camera to my Grandma’s house, because she plants lots of flowers and humming birds like that. : ) Anyway there were a lot last time we went, so I thought I would take some pictures.


These sat there for like fifteen seconds. And thats not really a big deal for people to stop for a while, but Humming birds have to eat at least every two hours to survive. So sitting for fifteen seconds is kind of a big waste of time unless they’re eating.


This is just a cool pic. He was centered, but just when I took the picture he started to fly away, so i didn’t get anymore. Well I just decided to post these because humming Birds make me smile,(Strawberries) and I thought that you should Smile…………………………….NOW!



  1. SKittles said,

    he is worth it, and those are some amazing pictures! Now I’ve been hearing a lot about Chris’s piano skills… Do you have any inside information that I could divulge of you?..

  2. Amy said,

    I love how just the word strawberry can make us smile/laugh. I love hummingbirds we have a humming bird feeder by our kitchen window. So when your by the sink, a lot of times they sit on the branch then fly up and eat. Its really cool.

  3. Claire said,

    OK 😀

  4. Joelle said,

    Jamie in answer to your question. Chris is really good. He’ll tell you he’s not though. Next time you’re by a piano Make him play. You’ll see. : )

  5. SKittles said,

    Amazing! Chris is the man, not to mention the amazing family he’s related too! :0

  6. aimeecait said,

    Joelle, these pictures are awesome. Seriously. You’re such a little photog! I’m proud of you. :]

  7. Joelle said,

    Why thank you. 🙂

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