July 2, 2007

St. Franny

Posted in Random at 11:31 pm by Joelle

OK so this weekend was pretty cool. My brother plays at St. Francisville, and this week my other brother Chris (with the bass) was going to play. So I was like, “Can I come” So I went, and it was pretty awesome. : D But I’m afraid that next time I go they’re going to make me sing. Ahhhhhhhhh!




  1. SKittles said,

    YEAH! That was amazing, I’m not going to lie! You’ve got an amazing family, and what does that make you?…. AMAZING of course! Next time we get you up on stage singing, I thinking I might “officially” retire! :]

  2. Amy said,

    I love the look on Chris’s face. Its totally like I played tonight. lol I like the shirt too. Like they would really windmillkick someone in the face. Anyway, I would love to here you sing 🙂 ha.. wish I could have been there

  3. Amy said,

    oops I meant ahhh as in sigh I wish I could have been there

  4. Joelle said,

    You can’t retire! You’re only Sixteen. And Amy I, think it would be pretty cool if you came.

  5. SKittles said,

    just think how much free time I would have…

  6. Joelle said,

    Well you’re coming when they make me sing at path finders, so not just family is there.I need a real judge.: ]

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