June 27, 2007

: (

Posted in Random at 10:38 pm by Joelle

Good bye submergers. : (



  1. Amy said,

    😦 we missed you terribly. Next year you are coming with me. No excuses lol your mom has no choice, your coming with me. Just kidding no I think your mom would let you come with me. So was your house like majorly quiet while the boys were gone? I was there and even though the girls made me laugh I missed Jamie lol
    Yes I just admitted to missing my brother. we are both there and I never saw him.

  2. Joelle said,

    Well I kind’a missed them. Chris was only gone fore four day, but joshy was gone all week. 😦 Oh and if I told her I was going with you I think she would let me go.

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