June 18, 2007


Posted in Pictures at 9:12 am by Joelle

Oh my gosh, I love my new camera! Ok well, I have a lot of pictures that I took with the most awesome setting on my camera. So here


Ok, so this was two red cardinals…..but I changed them.


And in this picture I just kept the red.


Same thing here.


And here…except pink.

And this was red! Pretty cooooooooooooool! And no photshop. 😀



  1. Amy said,

    wow awesome. Ok so like how did you do that. I am like wanting that stop sign picture. It takes some time to do that in photoshop, it would be tight to fix it before hand. Anyway, let me know if you get some pics of anything else cool.

  2. Joelle said,

    Ahhhhh, the stop sign. This is so awesome, It’s actually a setting on the camera! You pick the color you want to keep then shoot the picture. Then it turns everything besides that color black, and white.

  3. aimeecait said,

    Don’t you love cameras? These look awesome!

  4. Joelle said,

    Yup I do! : )

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