April 26, 2007

Sorry : (

Posted in American Idol, Pictures at 2:25 am by Joelle

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I haven’t posted in nine days. Two people went on American Idol last night. Sorry I think I’m obsessed now. I can’t help it. We, ( my family and I) watch it every week, and I have very strong opinions about it. Chris (above) got voted off. I had kind of narrowed it down to him, Lakisha, and Phil. Chris did a good job this week, but apparently not good enough.

Phil had the best performance of his life and still got voted off. Well I haven’t really liked him that much from that beginning, but he’s a good Singer.

Melinda amazes us again. You know I’ve been thinking that Jordin may win, but after this week she better step it up. But scrap everything I’ve said about Melinda, I’m convinced that she can sing anything, and will win. I still like Blake, and I think the only reason he is still here is because he did that awesome beat boxing thing.



  1. Jamie said,

    American Idol! I actually was in one they had at the church! It was called Amplified Idol! Crazy, huh? We didn’t win, but we had a great time! I just thought about that when I read your post! lol

  2. Joelle said,

    Amplified Idol! Thats awesome. I wish I could have been there. : ]

  3. Jamie said,

    It was awesome! How where the hamburgers?

  4. Claire said,

    Lol. The burgers were great!! =D

  5. Joelle said,

    Awesome as well, Mr. Cheese Man.

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