April 24, 2007

Don’t miss it! = ]

Posted in American Idol at 10:59 pm by Joelle

All right, now I don’t want to be one of those people who obsess about a silly TV show like American Idol, but I fear I’m close. That being said, don’t miss it. Now that Sanjaya’s gone they have a chance . I don’t even know how he hung on that long. Is America tone deaf? Well Blake, and Jordin are still my favorites. Everybody thinks Melinda will win. I think she has the most consistent vocals, but there’s nothing different about her. I still think she has a chance, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Blake has a good voice, and if he doesn’t win, I still think he would do very well in the music business. I still think he needs to work on his facial expressions. ; p other than that I think he’s done really well. I still can’t believe he was in the bottom three last week. I thought Chris should have been in there instead.

Now my girl Jordin’s got it in the bag as far as I’m concerned. She gets better every week, and if you saw her last week you know what I mean. I really liked the song she sang too – “Broken Wing”, and I don’t like country so that’s a big deal. And if she doesn’t win I’m gonna be reeeeeally mad. I liked the song Blake sang too. “When the stars go blue”

As for who’s getting voted off, I think it will be Phil. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lakisha got voted off, but we’ll just have to see. I think, except for Phil, it’s pretty much anyone’s game.

Who do You think is the next American Idol? : ]



  1. Griffis said,

    LaKisha is definitely Out this week. She was horrible. Phil did well last night but he will once again join Chris in the bottom 3. Jordin, Blake and Melinda are guaranteed final 3, with Blake and Jordin rocking the finale and Jordin wins it by a (s)mile.

  2. Jamie said,

    Looks like Griffis has it mapped out! 😀 Now, in reference to your question a.k.a. exclamation, I actually have to get your brother to help me w/some updation! I hope that you person who has your favorable eye will take the prize!

  3. Jamie said,


  4. Joelle said,

    What hmmm. What does hmmm mean? Why would you say hmmm? : P

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