April 14, 2007

My purple DOG??????

Posted in Pictures at 6:38 pm by Joelle

Well, this is my dog Daisy, and yes she is actually purple. She wasn’t always, but I dyed her. She was just a regular dog, but she kind of avoided me after that. The girl sitting with her is my sister Claire. My brother Josh snapped that picture with his mad camera phone skills. As you can imagine people were bewildered as to the reason I dyed her purple, and the answer was always the same. ” I wanted to.” I have another dog too but I haven’t dyed her yet. But next time I get a chance I probably will. How do you like blue? Maybe pink? Well I’ll just have to see. Anyway I have to go, bye!!!!!!!!! : )



  1. Jamie said,

    Pink! Thanks for your comments! I need to update my links. gosh 😛 Stay with the guitar! I’m sure your brother will give you a few tips! lol

  2. Joelle said,

    Pink……………..well thats one way to go. But I gota go with blue. Sorry. ; )

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